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Anime Headquarters: Case Closed

June 11, 2007

Anime Headquarters welcomed 11 teens to this mystery themed anime showing.  We watched trailers from ADVfilms and episodes from Case Closed.  The teens had a good time watching the show, drawing, and trying to fold the perfect origami frogs, fish, and ninja stars.

Missy, AYSC – Headquarters branch


Teens@NRL Anime Club

June 12, 2007

50 teens avidly watched the newly released Naruto OVA (original video animation) Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village.  The teens were so enthralled that there was total silence in the room except for the movie. 

Katharine, North Regional branch


Anime Mystery @ Hope Mills

June 19, 2007

27 real, live teenagers gathered at Hope Mills Library on June 19th for its second-ever Anime extravaganza. We watched some episodes of Case Closed and Oh My Goddess!, ate cookies, and had a great time. In the words of one particularly enthusiastic attendee, ‘It…was…awesome.’

Vicki, Hope Mills branch


Bordeaux Anime Fan Club

June 26, 2007

Bordeaux’s Anime Club Kickoff was a success!  Only 10-12 teens were expected to show up, but a whopping 45 attended this first club event!  Jennifer, from the North Regional branch, and Missy, the Assistant Youth Services Coordinator, were on hand to help out.  Everyone had a good time talking anime and manga, watching episodes of Black Cat and FullMetal Alchemist, drawing favorite characters and creating original manga, looking through back issues of Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump magazines, folding origami, and picking up cool handouts and giveaways.  Some teens submitted their drawings to Kohnee, the children’s librarian and teen contact at the Bordeaux branch, to be displayed in the teen section and throughout the library.  The teens’ program evaluations were overwhelmingly positive, and it looks like this will become a popular monthly club for teenagers at the Bordeaux branch.

Missy, AYSC – Headquarters, and Kohnee, Bordeaux branch


Please check the calendar of events for anime club programs @ your library.



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Teen Mystery Dinner Theater 

June 21, 2007

 Wow!  49 teens had a great time attending the Mystery Dinner Theater held at the North Regional branch.   The Teen Theater group took the main character parts, and dropped hints and clues during our picnic dinner as to the identity of the vampire.  The room was decorated to look like a picnic, and picnic food was served.  After the denouement, we all sang happy birthday to rock star Killian Killagan, and ate the incredibly yummy cakes provided by NRL staff and parents.

Katharine, North Regional branch 

Mystery Dinner Theater - NRL - Cast                      Mystery Dinner Theater - NRL

Please check out our calendar of events more teen programs @ your library! 

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Fear Factor: Cliffdale edition

June 19, 2007


The Cliffdale branch was crawling with fun Tuesday night, proving that Fear Factor programs have become a favorite amongst the teens here.  The teens enjoyed the different “stunts” they had to endure just to be the winner of their event and the move on to the final competition.  After ingesting 100-year-old eggs and a sea slug smoothie, one contestant actually requested the remaining cow tongue at the end of the competition to take home!  Yuck!

Keri and Kim, Cliffdale branch

 Please check out our calendar of events more teen programs @ your library!

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Write Here, Right Now

June 7, 2007

(North Regional Branch – the program formerly known as Teen Voices) – 17 teens joined our professional authors and artists for our writing and drawing group.  Everyone really enjoyed the anatomy portion of the drawing lesson where they learned that the head is 1/6 of the total body height, then ran around measuring everyone! Teens were then given an assignment to draw a 4 panel manga story to bring to the next meeting on July 12, to start on our NRL Manga which we hope to publish in November. (This program is now known as Write Here, Right Now since everyone thought Teen Voices was a singing group. LOL)

Katharine, North Regional branch

Please check out our calendar of events more teen programs @ your library!

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