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July 17, 2007

Mystery filled the air as teens uncovered secrets about themselves.  Different personality tests measured qualities such as friendship and integrity.  Teens were ‘psyched out’ when they found out their scores on certain tests.

Marsha and Kim, Cliffdale


Cliffdale Anime Club 

July 25, 2007 Cliffdale branch

Teens watched three episodes of the notorious mystery anime, Case Closed.  Teens enjoyed the humor and detective work of Jimmy Kudo.  Everyone was interested in the upcoming art contest and Librari-Con.  For more information, see the Calendar of Events.

Marsha, Jen, (Cliffdale) and Katherine (North Regional)


Pizza & Books


July 24, 2007; East Regional branch

Teens enjoyed pizza and a lively discussion of Flush by Carl Hiaasen.


Fear Factor @ your library

July 23, 2007; Bordeaux branch

Teens competed in one of five elimination rounds to reach the final “Gross Out” table. 

Carry the most dog biscuits from point A to point B (one at a time, in your mouth, while crawling)

Eat two Twinkies in the fastest time (one normal, one filled with cottage cheese)

Transfer the most live crickets from a plastic carrier to a cup (keeping them alive, squished crickets didn’t count)

Root around in whipped cream while blindfolded to find a piece of bubble gum and be the first to blow a bubble (no hands allowed and the sugar made the gum extremely hard to chew!)

Bob for the most apples floating in a disgusting brine of soup, tomato sauce, baked beans, and guacamole

These fearless individuals then advanced to the difficult portion of the competition.  J

Our overall winner, Gideon, age 14, blew the competition away, being the first to eat, and keep down, a fine meal of quail’s eggs, souse meat (head cheese), pickled okra, dried Asian shrimp, and leeche fruit.


All grossed-out audience members and participants availed themselves of the lovely refreshments, too: blood-red kool-aid, mystery meat (spam), and pretzels and warm snot (cheese dip with green food coloring).

Missy, AYSC – Headquarters branch 


fear-factor-doggie-biscuits.jpg fear-factor-crickets.jpg fear-factor-twinkies.jpg  fear-factor-whipped-cream-and-bubble-gum.jpg 

fear-factor-bobbing-for-apples.jpg  fear-factor-gross-out-table-feast.jpg  fear-factor-winner-gideon.jpg

 4th Friday: Teen Open Mic

July 27, 2007; Headquarters Library

17 acts entertained the large crowds.  Teens sang karaoke versions of popular songs, a couple of talented individuals sang a capella, bands played acoustic versions of cover songs, individuals read poetry and prose selections, an hilarious stand-up act had everyone laughing and playing along, and a dance troupe stomped the stage with their original routine.

Missy, AYSC – Headquarters branch

open-mic-4th-friday-7.jpg  open-mic-4th-friday-6.jpg open-mic-4th-friday-3.jpg open-mic-4th-friday-5.jpg   

open-mic-4th-friday-2.jpg  open-mic-4th-friday.jpg  open-mic-4th-friday-4.jpg

Please check the calendar of events for more teen programs at the library.

Hope everyone had a good time this summer!




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