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Blogs for Teens – Library Success: a best practices wiki is a list of library blogs by, for, or about teens.  Teens @ CCPL&IC has just been added. 

Now you can check out teen happenings at libraries across the country, and then come back here, of course!  If you see anything neat, new, or interesting that you think would be great for our library…leave a comment.

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Congratulations to the teen winners! [link removed]

A couple of fun stats for the months of June and July 2007:

 3176 teens participated in our library’s summer reading club.

2176 teens attended at least one of 55 programs hosted by the six branches and Headquarters library.

Over 6000 books were read…wow, that’s a lot of books!

What did YOU read?

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Paper Mache

July 10, 2007; Hope Mills branch

Using only strips of colored tissue paper, thinned-glue, and their imaginations, teens created striking works of art destined to hold that most precious of commodities: CANDY!



 Solve the Mystery: Hemp Bracelets

July 12, 2007; Headquarters Library

The teens had fun making necklaces, bracelets and key chains out of hemp twine and beads.  Some teens worked independently, following a printed pattern, and a group of us worked together on making the same project so we could help each other keep our knots straight.    


 Solve the Mystery: Origami

July 19, 2007; Headquarters Library

Teens, and a couple of brave parents, learned how to make origami models including butterflies, ninja stars, and cranes.  The most popular model was definitely the jumping frog…there were contests to see who could make their creation jump furthest.

 origami-2.jpg    origami-1.jpg 

 Solve the Mystery: Duct Tape Wallets

July 24, 30, & 31, 2007; Hope Mills branch and Headquarters Library

Teens learned techniques for making various objects out of duct tape.  Those with patience made neat, serviceable, and good-looking wallets from the selection of gray and brightly colored tapes.  Those without patience made sticky, less useful wallets, but had a great deal of fun doing so.

Missy, AYSC – Headquarters branch

hpim0208-small.jpg  duct-tape-wallets-kari-helping.jpg  duct-tape-wallets-hands-on.jpg

Please check out the calendar of events for more teen craft programs.

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Anime Headquarters: Art & Anime special edition

July 16, 2007; Headquarters Library

Teen Voices @ NRL

July 12, 2007; North Regional branch


Local manga artists, members of Anime Arsenal Entertainment, gave presentations to teens about pursuing careers as graphic novelists.  Teens shared their works-in-progress and their portfolios, and got advice about their general art technique. 

Missy, AYSC – Headquarters branch

 anime-hqu-jasmins-art.jpg   anime-hqu-jasmin-and-summer.jpg 

Spring Lake Anime Club

July 30, 2007; Spring Lake branch

Teens watched the anime Black Cat featuring Sven, a sweeper, a.k.a. bounty hunter, who is always down on his luck, haunted by the perpetual grumbling of his stomach and looking to make enough cash just to get by. Oh, and he can see the future, but only about five minutes into it.  While enjoying the show, teens multitasked, drawing their favorite characters, riffling through freebies and giveaways, discussing the upcoming Librari-Con, and ardently defending their favorite series.

Jennifer, North Regional branch


Please check the calendar of events for anime club programs @ your library.

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Librari-Con     Saturday, September 1, 2007     10 am to 5 pm

Headquarters Library, 300 Maiden Lane, Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Watch anime episodes and movies all day long

Observe gaming demonstrations and participate in free play (on-site registration only)

Attend “how-to-draw manga” workshops (class size is limited, on-site registration only)

Visit local artists in the Artist’s Alley and show off your own talent in the Amateur Artist’s Grotto

Meet Our Special Manga / Comic Artists, and Voice Actor Guests

Attend Q&A panels with artists, local retailers, and librarians

Dress up as your favorite anime characters and cosplay

Enter for a chance to win amazing door prizes

Sign up for a library card and join the Friends of the Library during our registration drive

…and much more. 

This event is hosted by the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center and sponsored in part by The East Coast Anime Society (E.C.A.S.), with participation by Anime Arsenal Entertainment.

For additional information, contact Melissa at (910) 483-7727 ext. 306 and stay tuned to the calendar of events for more information.  If you’re feeling adventurous check out the unofficial website created by the E.C.A.S.

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