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12/18/07  Anime North Pole (North Regional)

43 teens played an incredible game of Anime Jeopardy, courtesy of the Genjitsu no Futekiousha (G.n.F.) Club, ate enormous quantities of Christmas snacks and watched HamtaroHam Ham Christmas – concluding with a rambunctious group-Hamtaro dance.

-Katharine, teen liaison, North Regional 

The December anime clubs at Bordeaux, Cliffdale, and Hope Mills were also well attended.  They each screened episodes provided by the generous folks at FUNimation.

Please check our calendar for more teen programs @ your library in 2008.

Happy New Year!

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We’ve Got It Covered: Handmade books & journals (Headquarters)

Attendance wasn’t what we hoped for, however, the smaller group allowed the presenter, Jillian, an I&IS reference librarian at the Headquarters library, to provide one-on-one instruction.  The books turned out beautifully, and a few of us tried alternative methods of attaching the covers which looked very professional.  The attendees mentioned that the books they made, and were going to make when they got home, would make great Christmas or birthday gifts.

This program will be offered again at several different locations during The Big Read.  Please check the March and April 2008 calendars for more information.

-Missy, Assistant Youth Services Coordinator, Headquarters

handmade-books4-cropped.jpg     handmade-books2-cropped.jpg     handmade-books3-cropped.jpg


DIY: Holiday Card Making (East Regional)

Once again, teens have proven themselves to be very crafty and creative in using their hands to create unique and stylish greeting cards. Sue Ditmar, greeting card artist extraordinaire, even commented that some of the teens’ designs inspire her. Teens had a blast and many made more than one card; another teen program success.

-Jamaal, LAII, East Regional

Please check our calendar for more teen programs @ your library.

Happy Holidays!

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12/2/07    Paragraph 3: Read It, Write It, Share It (Headquarters)


Teens dropped in and out of the meeting to discuss plot problems, layout timelines, and share completed chapters.  One young lady drew a storyboard on the white board and stopped several times to say “Hey, that makes more sense now,” and “I better write all this down before I forget.”  The teens who attend regularly seem to be getting a lot out of these meeting.  They mention that they are writing more and are look forward to showing me their new selections each month.

 -Missy, Assistant Youth Services Coordinator, Headquarters


12/13/07    Write Here, Right Now – Christmas Party (North Regional)

The teens who attended this program got to take part in the Katharine’s “20 minute challenge.”  Participants had just 20 minutes to either write a winter themed story or draw a winter themed picture.  The stories and artwork will be displayed at the North Regional Branch later this month.  The new Arsenal RPG was fascinating, and the kids were very interested in the original artwork on the game cards.

-Katharine, teen liaison, North Regional


Please check out our calendar for more teen programs.

Happy Holidays!

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