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January 14, 2008

¶ 3 @ Headquarters

Four new faces joined us this evening, and they came prepared!  An aspiring playwright shared his latest mystery play a la Sherlock Holmes, and asked for advice about structure and length.  I brought out several resources including The Hollywood Standard: the complete and authoritative guide to script format and style, by Christopher Riley and Save the Cat: the last book on screenwriting you’ll ever need, by Blake Snyder.    

hollywood-standard-christopher-riley.jpg          save-the-cat-blake-snyder.jpg

The other new attendees were friends who were writing parallel novels together – that is, they all feature the same characters and setting, but are told from a different “main” character’s point of view.  They had a great time explaining their plots in exquisite detail. 

The big questions of the evening involved how to get published commercially, where teen authors could submit fiction or art for alternative publication (in newspapers or online), and if there were any reputable contests they could enter.  

 One suggestion: The Saturday Extra section of the Fayetteville Observer regularly publishes poetry, photos, and short prose (essays) that readers send in.  When I contacted the newspaper and they said to send submissions to the following email address: plotnickj@fayobserver.com 

There are no restrictions on length or subject, however, you might not want to submit that epic poem or your 100 page novella to this particular publication.  🙂  JPG’s are preferred for any photo submissions. 

It’s not a competition, but it is a chance to see your name and your work in print.   If you have general questions, you can contact a staff member by email at satextra@fayobserver.com or through the main switchboard by calling 1-800-682-3476. 



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FAYETTEVILLE, NC – Carl Weber — the New York Times bestselling author of The First Lady” and So You Call Yourself a Man” – will drop by Headquarters Library, 300 Maiden Lane, on Feb. 2 from 11 a.m. until noon to meet his fans. During the one-hour visit, which is part of his Fan Appreciation Tour, Weber will donate copies of some of his earlier novels to the library.  

Weber is promoting his latest book, “Something on the Side,” which will be released Jan. 29.  

Weber’s books can be found at the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center in various formats, including audio and large print. The titles include: “The First Lady,” “So You Call Yourself a Man,” “She Ain’t the One,” “The Preacher’s Son,” “Player Haters,” “A Dollar and a Dream,” “Baby Momma Drama,” “Married Men,” and “Lookin’ for LUV.”

Weber is the founder and publisher of Urban Books. He is the owner of the Urban Knowledge chain of book stores and graduated from Virginia State University. He holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Virginia. Weber lives in Long Island, N.Y., with his family.

For more information on the library, call 483-7727 ext. 210 or visit www.cumberland.lib.nc.us.

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