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…it’s all over but the shouting: Yay!  Wh00t!  Alright, NAPTIME! 

oh, wait, that last one’s probably just me.  🙂  

Well folks, we almost got swept away and we had a couple of artists and presenters who couldn’t make it at the last minute which meant that we had to cancel or replace some panels and workshops…

Tropical Storm Hanna caused the park behind the library to flood...no picnics today.              

…but we persevered, broke out the umbrellas for a bit, and had a great day after all!

Check out the fun on our teen Flickr page!

Librari-Con 2008 pics

Librari-Con 2008 pics

I’d like to thank everyone who helped to make Librari-Con 2008 possible: my partner-in-crime-and-teen-services, Katharine, The Anime Arsenal, special guests The Carolina Garrison of the 501st Legion, Nick Capiot, Will Hays, and Robert “Dr. Gonzo” Wicker, the members of SRPE, all of the talented folks who inhabited Artists’ Alley, our teen volunteers a.k.a. “the minions,” and the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center’s staff, administration, and our Friends of the Library.

Planning is already underway for Librari-Con 2009…comments and suggestions are always welcome, although there is just this one thing:

*Please note, we are a public library, not a restaurant.  Several patrons have already “suggested” that we give away free food.  Great, fine, wonderful suggestion…never gonna happen…not if you still want summer reading club prizes, video game programs, or refreshments at anime club meetings.*  OK – getting off the soapbox now.  All OTHER suggestions and comments are welcome.  🙂

Were you here?  Did you have a good time?

Peace and pocky, ya’ll. 

Oh, almost forgot!  Check out the great pics taken by the 501st! 

Mini-Vader is my favorite!



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Welcome Otaku! 

Welcome library visitors! 

Welcome bewildered yet indulgent parents!

Once again we’re having a party called Librari-ConHanna never actually became a hurricane, just a piddly, little tropical storm which was no match for the anime, manga, and graphic novel fans who’ve descended upon our library!  A little rain…a little wind…no worries.  Mass quantities of teens and assorted other folks of all ages, in various stages of cosplay, are hanging out, browsing tons of great art, reading manga, drawing their own stuff, folding origami, and snapping pictures right and left.

The sun is shining and the show is on the road!  Members from the 501st Legion are back in strength…this year Lord Vader brought numerous reinforcements from his Storm and Sand Troopers to the notorious Boba Fett.  Princess Leia even managed to sneak in as Boushh, an Ubese bounty hunter, much like she did when she attempted to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hut.  I’m happy to report that she was not captured.  🙂

Artists’ Alley is hopping…local artists and special guests artist Nick Capiot and voice actors Will Hays and Robert “Dr. Gonzo” Wicker are having a great time talking to new fans of all ages, sharing their art and selling their wares.

There’s still time to check out all the action…the Cosplay Runway starts at 2:30 and the forums go until 3:30!  Hope to see you here!

I’ll be posting Librari-Con 2008 pictures on our Flickr page earlier next week, so check back!



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