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“I have McMurphy, the eight-hundred pound gorilla I carry in my DNA, a total loose cannon rolling around my personality.”- Born to Rock by Gordon Korman

Leo has a full scholarship to Harvard and is graduating soon.  The scholarship is taken away when he doesn’t tell on a friend.  He is also floored when he discovers his father is a rock star, which means his mom was a ‘groupie’ at one time.  Leo decides to tour with King Maggot, who is his father and the lead singer of Purge.  Can Leo handle being a ‘roadie’ and adjust to this new lifestyle?  Will his father be convinced to give him money for Harvard?

This book interested me because I love rock music.  This book did not disappoint me with its touch of ‘Almost Famous’ glamour.  I found myself laughing out loud at random intervals and think that this is a light-hearted and comical book.

Marsha is a youth services librarian at the Cliffdale Branch library.

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