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 the declaration - gemma malley

The Declaration

by Gemma Malley


In England in the year 2030, a drug called Longevity has been created which all but stops the aging process. In 2080, the government enacts a law called “The Declaration” which makes it illegal for people taking Longevity to have children.  Now in the year 2140, it is illegal to be young and children are all but extinct.  It is here where we meet Anna who’s a Surplus (or a child who was illegally born to people taking Longevity).  She lives in Grange Hall where she hopes to “make up for the sins of her parents” by learning how to clean and perform other menial tasks in hopes of being someone’s housekeeper.  Everything is going along quite well for Anna.  That is until Peter, a boy of Anna’s age, is brought to Grange Hall.  Peter tries to convince Anna that he knows her parents and that they love her and want her back and that Peter has a plan to get the two of them out.


This book will definitely make you think.  What freedoms would you be willing to give up or sacrifice if someone told you that you could live forever?  The book also has themes similar to Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Shadow Children series.  This story starts out rather slowly, but becomes a page turner as soon as Peter shows up. It also has a heavier emphasis on description and less on dialogue. If you’re interested in what happens after the end of the story, look out for the sequel, The Resistance coming soon to your local library!


Jennifer is a youth services librarian at the North Regional Branch Library.


Thanks for posting, Jenn.  I really liked this book, too.  I’m reminded of Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  Ender is a illegal Third.  🙂



Sorry for the dearth of posts, lately.  I’ll be back soon with a recap of this summer’s adventures at the library and some details about what’s coming next!




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