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Gamma Glamma

Gamma Glamma

Kim Flores

Luz is a high school freshman who would like to make a fabulous debut on the school scene.  It will be much different than being known as a whiz kid, aka geek, like in middle school.  She would like to attend Homecoming until her science teacher elects her to participate in the science fair.  A bigger problem is that the science fair falls on the same weekend as Homecoming.  Homecoming is the same dance where Luz is going to confess her undying love for a sophomore.  What is Luz to do?  Her plan is to do a horrific science project that will knock her out of the competition.  But will it work?

This novel is filled with a lot of Hispanic culture.  Kim Flores, the author, provides the readers with some typical ‘cliquish’ high school characters.  Gamma Glamma is a cute novel and would make a good back-to-school television special.

Marsha is a youth services librarian at the Cliffdale Branch Library.

Thanks for posting, Marsha!

Sorry about the dearth of posts, folks, I’m getting back on track and will be putting up reviews from coworkers and myself, booklists, program reviews and pictures, neat and interesting things that are happening at the library, and whatever else comes up.  Stay tuned!



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