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Have you ever read a Fantasy Romantic Comedy and thought:  who puts a clumsy Cyclops in a relationship with the Princess Udashika of Helaisissia, the most beautiful and civilized planet in the Kythera Star System?   If you think you can weave a better yarn, here’s your chance to precipitately plunge parrying people’s prodigious potential to prevail. In other words, your submission could be the best!

Collaborate with other writers to create a 4000 word Fantasy Romantic Comedy short story over an eight week period beginning September 1st and ending on October 31, 2009.  You may submit a new segment every week to continue the story. The completed story will be posted online and printed & distributed free throughout the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center system.

Follow the linky bits for the complete submission guidelines, the story so far, and some useful definitions of fantasy romance and romantic comedy.

Credit for the cool lead-in goes to program’s main instigator Larry Gavin.

Come play!   🙂


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Create and Share using Flickr Toys

Edit, alter, and arrange pictures using the online tools at BigHugeLabs and enter your creations to our Flickr Teen Tech Gallery

[only my examples, so far…I need TEEN ENTRIES!!!  plsthx-ml]

For some inspiration check out fd’s Flickr Toy Pool.

I’m partial to the Lolcat Generator and the Trading Card Maker, myself!


So get going and show us what’cha got!

Check back for more tech-savvy fun and games throughout the month…


Whoops…I almost forgot!  Rosen Publishing is hosting a Teen Tech Week writing contest:  Teen Health & Wellness-Share Your Personal Story.  The deadline is March 31st and there are prizes and possible publication involved.  Good luck!



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